Prospects of the RV method and the CARMENES project

报告题目      Prospects of the RV method and the CARMENES project

报告人          Dr. Martin Kuerster

报告人单位  Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Germany

报告语言      英文

报告时间     202311月30(星期四)上午10:00-11:00

报告地点      1号楼412会议室



The RV method was the first to provide the successful discoveries of exoplanets.  It continues to play an important role in the determination of exoplanet masses, especially when combined with transit observations or when dynamical modeling of multi-planet systems can be performed.  As the method is strongly affected by stellar activity, methods to correct for it have been developed.  I will discuss their importance and limitations and propose a new direction that combines such methods in an attempt to overcome the limitations.  The talk will also present the CARMENES project and show some of its results which also include activity analysis.