Two-fluid MHD simulations of the partially-ionized solar atmosphere


报告题目: Two-fluid MHD simulations of the partially-ionized solar atmosphere

报告人:  Blajej Kuzma  博士


报告语言: 英文

报告时间: 202377(星期五上午10:00 - 12:00

报告地点: 1号楼502会议室



 The solar atmosphere below the transition region is partially-ionized only with the photosphere and the lower chromosphere being dominated by neutrals. The impact of the latter has usually been overlooked in most single-fluid MHD work Here we present a series of novel numerical studies focused exclusively on the two-fluid effects. Our model uses a two-fluid model of partially ionized plasma, in which ions and neutrals are treated as separate fluids coupled through ion-neutral collisions. These collisions play significant role in wave damping and plasma heating in wide range of solar phenomena. It leads to significant energy dissipation in case of magneto acoustic and Alfv n waves, as well as is altering the propagating waveperiods. It also alters the evolution of jets, spicules and flaring loops. Here we show that in such events substantial amount of neutrals is decoupled with ions and leaks out changing the composition of the ambient coronal plasma. Moreover, we show the impact of neutrals even at spatial scales as large as those used to model the global solar corona. Here, despite the very low concentration of neutrals, they still do affect the flowfield to a limited but non-negligible extent (up to 5 to 10% locally), with a higher impact being seen in case of the maximum of the solar activity.





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