Outbursts of black hole X-ray binaries

报告题目: Outbursts of black hole X-ray binaries

报告人:  游贝 副教授


报告语言: 中文

报告时间: 2023年4月12日(星期三) 上午 10:00--11:00

报告地点: 1号楼427会议室



A black hole X-ray binary (BHXRB) spends its lifetime in the quiescent state with the dim radiation. It will emit broad-band energy spectra from radio to gamma-rays, when being triggered to an outburst, due to the instability in the accretion flow. Timing and spectral properties of the emission have convincingly shown the contributions from both the accretion flows and the relativistic ejections (jets). However, the evolution of the accretion-ejection during the outburst still remains unclear. In this talk, I will firstly review the outburst of the BHXRB from the observational and theoretical point of view. Then, I will introduce our recent studies on (i) the dynamical evolution of the hot accretion flow (i.e., the outflowing corona); (ii) the formation of a magnetically arrested disk (MAD). These studies will help us better understand the BH accretion physics, and the connection between the accretion-ejection. 






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